One of the most difficult situations you can face as a bass angler is a cold front. Particularly in the Spring when bass are moving up onto beds in spawning flats, a cold front can change everything. In this video, Pete is down in Florida, after a warm spell, the temperatures are down near freezing. Florida bass are notorious for shutting down in a cold front. In this video, Pete shares his 3 favorite baits to combat the cold front lockjaw.

  • 0:21 Facing a cold front in bass fishing
  • 2:45 Cold fronts in Spring (Prespawn)
  • 4:34 Baits & tackle for fishing cold fronts in Spring
  • 19:36 Pitching docks with spinning tackle
  • 30:56 A quick bait switch & fishing lipless crankbaits
  • 33:22 Fishing docks with a jerkbait

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