JT Kenney is out on the water in Florida with a big storm front moving through. JT discusses how the frontal conditions change the bass's behavior. The weather has dictated the areas that are safe to fish and that allowed the us to stream the video live. Even with our best location, the video quality is sometimes effected by the incoming storm in this recording. Co-host Pete Gluszek asks questions about the MLF Bass Pro Tour where JT Kenney is a color commentator.

The new Bass Pro Tour allows every angler to count every fish over 1lb. No more five fish limit, and that allows angler that are better at fishing numbers to compete with the guys that specialize in getting 5 big bites. JT Kenney also discusses the 6 day tournament format and how the groups are split up. 40 anglers fish the first and third day, and another 40 anglers fish day 2 and 4, then there's a cut to the top 20 from each group, who fish the 5th day, and the top 10 compete against each other for the championship.

Jt Kenney talk about lots of topics in this live on the water bass fishing class, including:

  • Why JT Kenney uses a left handed real
  • JT Kenney's favorite jig fir grass fishing - Nichols JT's Grass Wizard Jig. This is not the best jig for everything, but it is the best, JT believes, for fishing grass
  • Why did JT Kenney retire from FLW Tour fishing to work full time as a commentator with the MLF Bass Pro Tour
  • Favorite punching baits, when to use lots of flappies and when to use lots of flappies to get a lot of bass attention. Kenney states that Gambler Lures makes some great craw and creature/beaver-style baits that he likes.
  • JT's favorite lake in the Harris Chain of Lakes
  • Pete shares that he and JT Kenney will both be instructing along with 4 tournament pros at The Bass University In-Class Training in Columbus, OH Feb 8th-9th
  • Using a hand-controlled trolling motor vs. a foot-controlled motor
  • Best tungsten weight for punching in the grass
  • When do bass spawn in Florida?
  • Shallow water anchor or Ultrex trolling motor with spot-lock - they're both really good

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