Punching grass mats can be overwhelming. For many anglers, it seems like an impossible task to pick apart acres of grass mats one pitch at a time. While you may not always produce a lot of bites punching, it does give you the opportunity to get bigger bites throughout the day. By using a heavy tungsten weight, often secured with a bobber stop, you are able to send your soft plastic bait down deep, through the vegetation canopy, into the grass to generate a reaction strike from bass. In this seminar, Brandon Lester explains his punching setup, and just how he likes to pick apart areas when looking for big bites. 

Lester also shares his minimal bait selection for punching, and just how the technique has helped him – not only in his career – but specifically on the Kissimmee Chain in Florida. Lester also goes into detail on when to use punch skirts over soft plastics, and how to find the right types of grass for punching. 

Key Moments In This Punching Bass Fishing Technique Video

  • 3:50 What Is Punching?
  • 6:45 How To Pick The Right Punching Rod
  • 10:00 How To Pick The Right Punching Reel
  • 14:30 Importance Of Braided Line When Punching
  • 19:35 What Makes A Good Punching Hook
  • 21:45 Soft Plastics Baits For Punching
  • 23:45 How To Pick The Right Punching Weight
  • 27:50 Why You Should Use Bobber Stops
  • 29:00 Fishing The Kissimmee Chain
  • 30:50 Deep Dive On Punching Bait Options
  • 38:40 When To Use Punch Skirts
  • 40:25 Finding The Right Habitat to Punch Grass
  • 46:25 Seasonal Approaches To Punching
  • 49:00 Tying The Right Knot For Punching
  • 51:00 Generating Reaction Strikes
  • 59:00 Using Scents While Punching

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