Brandon Lester has won over one million dollars in career earnings with Bassmaster and is a two-time Bassmaster winner. Lester joins Bass University to teach the art and importance of versatility in this seminar. 

In today’s game of bass fishing, you need to be a versatile angler in many different aspects of fishing. Lester talks about some key things like understanding your electronics and not being scared to throw finesse baits are crucial in improving your versatility. Confidence is key in fishing and improving your versatility. 

Brandon breaks down seasonal patterns and how important they are to being a versatile angler. Brandon states many anglers are only relying on technology, but using technology in conjunction with identifying seasonal patterns will contribute to becoming a versatile angler. 

Join Bassmaster Elite Series Champion Brandon Lester with Bass University in this seminar on becoming a more versatile angler. 

How to Be a Versatile & Confident Bass Angler Class Chapters

  • 0:13: Introduction - Versatility 
  • 3:55: Tackle Trends 
  • 7:43: Electronics and Technology 
  • 13:02: Expand Your Game 
  • 17:56: Spinning Rods and Finesse Tactics 
  • 23:14: Seasonal Patterns 
  • 26:00: Multi Species Angling 
  • 32:44: Confidence Baits
  • 39:17: Q/A

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