Professional angler Brandon Lester, a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion, brings his wealth of experience in ledge fishing on the Tennessee River to this class with Bass University. He simplifies the intricacies of this technique so that everyone can grasp its fundamentals. 

Lester starts by explaining what ledge fishing is, then delves into crucial aspects like mapping and pinpointing important areas. He also discusses fishing amidst currents and the significance of boat positioning, especially in deeper waters.

Additionally, Lester shares insights into his electronic setup and how he maximizes its potential for successful fishing. He details the key baits he relies on for ledge fishing and the setups that complement them.

Discover everything about ledge fishing from Brandon Lester's comprehensive seminar at Bass University, where he imparts invaluable knowledge and strategies for aspiring anglers.

Ledge Fishing for Bass Chapters

  • 0:50: What is Ledge Fishing?
  • 5:00: Mapping/Key Areas
  • 11:35: Current/Positioning
  • 19:00: Electronics
  • 23:10: Ledge Fishing Baits and Setups
  • 37:30: Recap

What's Covered in This Ledge Bass Fishing Class?

  • What is the fundamental concept of ledge fishing?
  • How do you effectively map and identify key areas for successful ledge fishing?
  • What challenges come with fishing amidst currents, and how does boat positioning play a role, especially in deeper waters?
  • What electronic setup does Brandon Lester use for ledge fishing, and how does he maximize the potential for success?
  • What are the key baits that Brandon Lester relies on for ledge fishing, and what tackle setups are best for each?
  • What are the key strategies for aspiring anglers interested in ledge fishing?

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