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Hair jigs were a go-to bait for Northern bass anglers, particularly smallmouth in cold water, but was somewhat forgotten about for years. Hair jigs, marabou jigs and bucktail jigs burst back onto the season several years ago, and now they are a prominent fixture again, particularly as the ice begins to melt. Learn what sizes, and colors of hair jigs that Pete Gluszek likes to fish for Northern largemouth and smallmouth bass. Learn some tricks for not losing fish around zebra mussels, other great cold water baits, best times and places for fishing hair jigs, how to fish a hair jig and more in this remastered bass fishing class seminar video.

  • 0:56 Fishing hair jigs is a staple in Winter and Spring cold water for smallmouth and largemouth bass
  • 3:10 Overview of what makes hair jigs so great, what this course covers and one of Pete's favorite colors
  • 5:01 Hair jigs are on of a handful of lures that really shine in cold water, Pete shares some other great early Spring bass fishing lures
  • 7:59 Best time & places for fishing a hair jig for bass
  • 9:53 Cold fronts and falling/stable/rising water temperatures
  • 11:25 Different types of hair jigs (deer, marabou, bear & synthetic) and rigging
  • 14:22 How to fish a hair jig for bass
  • 18:20 why to fish bucktail jigs for bass in Summer & Autumn
  • 23:00 Bass fishing tackle for throwing bucktail jigs
  • 26:01 Hybrid hair jig
  • 30:53 Learn CPR

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