Not everyone has a boat, and even if you do, not all boat owners have time to load up the boat and make a trip out to a big water for a full day of fishing. With that in mind, how do you keep your casting sharp, or try new techniques, or practice setting the hook without taking a day off work? The answer is to locate and utilize smaller bodies of water near your home that have bass. These could be ponds, small lakes, streams or any publicly-accessible small water with bass, or private body of water where you have permission to fish. These waters often allow for a quick fishing trip after work or in the morning without dedicating a whole day, which is often great for taking kids fishing. Because you can usually walk around an entire pond, they also give you a chance to survey the entire body of water and apply patterns that will also work on larger bodies of water.

  • 0:35 Utilize small waters to improve your fishing
  • 2:14 Where Pete does a lot of his fishing practice
  • 3:19 Why fish smaller waters like ponds?
  • 6:27 Importance of having a good hook set
  • 8:39 Where to find small lakes & ponds to fish with resources like Fishidy
  • 13:50 Tips on taking notes
  • 15:34 Seasonal patterns apply to all bodies of water
  • 17:50 The best place to learn a new tecchnique and gain confidence in a new lure
  • 21:13 Learn how to generate strikes & identify bites
  • 32:41 What are deflection strikes?
  • 33:07 Using scent on soft plastic lures
  • 33:58 Retrieve speed & dead sticking
  • 35:28 Setting the hook and keeping them hooked
  • 46:58 Relationship of rod, reel & line

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