Professional bass fishing tournament angler Ott Defoe joins the Bass University in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Most anglers think of larger baits when they think about swimbaits. Ott Defoe categorizes small swimbaits as a bait that is 4" or less, and they can be deadly for catching bass.

Ott starts the seminar by talking about different rigging technique, most people are aware of jigheads and belly-weighted hooks. Ott talks about the sizes and weights of jigheads he likes, but he also shares a great natural-looking rigging technique for shallow clear water. He talks about the terminal tackle and tools you'll need to rig the bait this way. Ott Defoe likes the Bass Pro Shops speed shad, which are similar to the Keitech Swimbaits. You'll also learn Ott's swimbait color recommendations.

Why do small swimbaits work?

Ott Defoe shares some information on why he thinks this is a great technique. One reason is certainly its versatility. Unlike many other baits, a small swinbait is excellent both around cover and in open water (in fact, it's awesome for catching suspended bass), it can be fished near the top, or weighted and fished near the bottom. That's only one of the reasons! Watch this entire seminar and learn why small swimbaits catch a lot of bass.

When can you fish a small swimbait?

Learn the seasons & temperatures where the small swinbait works best and learn when it's best to put it down and try another technique.

In this small swimbait bass fishing video, you'll also learn the rod, reels & line ott defoe uses, how he locates bass using his electronics and the types of retrieves he employs.


Quickly access the small swimbait information you're most interested in:

  • 1:12 Small swimbaits
  • 1:55 General description of small swim baits
  • 2:15 Rigging options for small swimbaits
  • 16:10 The baits
  • 18:35 Color Selection
  • 21:20 Why small swimbaits work
  • 23:20 Where to fish small swimbaits
  • 31:10 When to fish small swimbaits
  • 34:05 Retrieves
  • 40:40 Swimbait fishing equipment
  • 45:05 Using your electronics

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