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2019 Bassmaster Classic champion Ott Defoe joins Rizz from The Bass University to answer 5 (or more) questions about his bass fishing career. Ott also shares some advice on becoming a tournament professional and breaking down a new body of water that you've never fished before.

  • 0:29 What is the most common mistake that you see the average bass angler make on a day-to-day basis?
  • 1:16 What's a great piece of advice for an angler looking to become a professional tournament angler?
  • 1:57 Craziest technique you've used to catch a bass?
  • 3:11 What was the turning point in your professional tournament bass fishing career?
  • 5:28 What are your goals for the 2020 year?
  • 6:21 What's one way you catch bass that most folks would not associate with Ott Defoe?
  • 6:58 What's your first step in breaking down a new body of water?

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