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Riz from The Bass University Live (and Ike Live) is joined by BASS Bassmaster Elite Series angler John Crews. In this rap session, John Crews will answer the following bass fishing questions:

  • 0:29 Do you have a piece of advice for a weekend angler looking to go pro?
  • 1:12 Biggest mistake people make when trying to make the leap into the professional tournament trails?
  • 1:57 Chances of topping last year's 11 lb. bass this tournament season?
  • 2:30 What technique do you use often in tournaments that you're not usually identified with using?
  • 2:59 What technique do you go to when you're looking for that 1 big bass bite?
  • 3:22 What are your goals for the 2020 tournament season?
  • 3:52 Is there a tournament in the 2020 bass fishing tournament season that you're really looking forward to?

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