While the debate about technology in bass fishing has never been louder, it’s hard to argue just how much it has revolutionized the sport. "I don't think that the horse is going to go back in the barn," said John Crews on the technological advancements. "It's out and it's running at full stride and it's not coming back."

When many people hear the word “technology” thrown around in fishing, they automatically jump to the improvements in electronics the industry has seen. Crews points out just how far rods, reels, line, and lures have all come in recent years. The most obvious – and well-known – advancement is the advent of forward-facing sonar. The ability to get a live look at what fish are doing, and even how they react to certain lures, have flipped the fishing world on its head. However, it isn’t the first thing to do that, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Before forward-facing sonar, down and side imaging were two of the biggest game-changers for fishing. Then came 360 sonar, spot lock, and even Power-Poles. In this seminar, Crews highlights the role that all of these play individually – and together – to help you catch more fish.

  • 1:00 Advancements In Technology
  • 3:40 Advancements In Rod, Reel, Line, And Tackle
  • 7:35 Advancements in Boats And Motors
  • 10:10 Improvements Of GPS And Topographical Mapping
  • 14:55 Keys To Down And Side Imaging
  • 22:25 How To Use Mega 360
  • 28:10 Forward-Facing Sonar Advancements
  • 41:20 When To Use 2D Sonar
  • 45:00 Benefit Of Spot-Lock And Power-Pole
  • 46:35 Future Of Technology In Bass Fishing

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