The Bass University TV : REFUND POLICY


Our subscription services and gift cards are sold "as is". Subscription renewals occur automatically on the schedule laid out during the subscription signup process. Renewals may be cancelled at any time. After a transaction (subscription or renewal) has occurred, no refunds (including partial or prorated) will be issued. The customer assumes the responsibility to cancel their subscription, or stop payment on the supplied payment method (in the case of gift subscriptions), before scheduled renewal dates.

Lost or Stolen Gift Cards

The risk of loss and title for gift cards pass to the purchaser upon our electronic transmission of the gift card to the purchaser and/or designated recipient. We are not responsible if any gift card is lost, stolen or destroyed or is used without your permission. If you did not receive your gift card code, or if you suspect your gift card was used without your permission, please provide us as much information as possible about the purchase (email address, purchase date, phone number and address information) and the intended recipient on our support contact form.

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