Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler John Crews has been fishing from bass boats for decades. Unlike driving a car, most people don't get driver training for bass boats, many which will go 70+ mph and have no brakes! Learning how to drive a bass boat can either be trial and error, or you can take the fast track and learn from John Crews. In this bass fishing class seminar, John will share information on boat safety, but also getting maximum performance and most comfortable ride possible from your bass boat, even when navigating rough waters.

  • 0:07 John Crews has a long history with bass fishing boats
  • 3:27 The basics of how to drive a bass boat, like John Crews's Bass Cat tournament-ready boat. Learn safety aspects and tips for maintaining your engine's mechanical longevity.
  • 12:42 Tips for steering and controlling a bass boat safely in forward and reverse
  • 23:40 Let's go FAST in our bass boat! Learn tips for navigating at high speeds and having the safest and most comfortable ride possible
  • 32:18 Navigating rough waters in a bass fishing boat. Learn how to operate a high-power bass boat in waves and wake.
  • 44:14 Setup basics for a bass boat (jack plates, hydraulic steering, prop blades, boat weight balance & lithium batteries)

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