Brian Latimer is here to tell you that all the best equipment and fishing execution will only get you so far, if you can't properly control your boat. There's a world of difference between bank fishing, or fishing from the back of the boat, and having to approach and maintain proper boat position while catching, landing & culling bass. Ensuring that you don't crash into a spot, make hasty casts before you're in the proper position, staying off a spot, knowing when you've spooked the bass, minimizing your presence in an area. These are all tips that will help you catch fish and preserve an area to catch multiple fish. Bass are more aware of your presence than we give them credit for. We scrutinize line size, but ping areas with our electronics or prop wash a key area. Watch this bass fishing class seminar by Brain Latimer to learn how to control your bass boat like a professional angler.

  • 0:06 None of it means a hill of beans if you don't know how to control your boat
  • 0:39 The best tip for the parents of a young angler (or any angler that's bank fishing and looking to expand their fishing opportunities and skillsets)
  • 2:59 What is boat control and why it is important?
  • 5:09 Be patient and use boat control to make the right casts
  • 7:43 Lure visibility (aka getting baits in the strike zone)
  • 13:00 Are bass aware of your boat? Minimizing how your boat alerts bass to your presence
  • 25:34 How boat control affects your lure fall rate and retrieve speeds
  • 28:19 Helpful tips for bass boat control
  • 41:24 Tools for improving boat control
  • 50:15 Brian Latimer answers questions about boat control

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