Tournament bass fishing is possibly more competitive than it has ever been. As kayaking increases in popularity, it should come as no surprise that kayak fishing has been right behind the surge in popularity. "Kayak fishing is exploding across the market,” said Ryan Lambert. “It's the fastest-growing segment of the sport, and it's super accessible for people. The cost of ownership as far as buying your first kayak is relatively cheap when compared to bass boat fishing, and the tournament scene is at its highest level ever. We're now seeing national tournament trails paying out $10,000 a piece per event, and up to $45,000 for their championship." The comparatively low cost of entry makes fishing kayak tournaments an intriguing alternative for many bass fishermen. An important aspect of that transition is learning how to rig a kayak for tournament fishing, which is completely different than rigging a bass boat. In this seminar, Lambert explains how he sets his kayak up for tournament fishing, and provides tips and tricks for helping you make the most of your time on the water. Two areas where anglers struggle the most when moving from a bass boat to a kayak are rod and tackle storage. The limited space in a kayak makes it important to scale back what you bring with you on the water. Lambert relies on a crate storage system that holds both his gear, and acts as rod storage to keep everything securely in one location. One of the biggest changes is the way fish catches are counted. Instead of bringing bass back at the end of the day to be weighed, in kayak tournaments the fish are measured using an official board. Lambert goes over how to properly photograph your fish to make sure your catch counts for the competition. He also discusses the importance of filming while you’re on the water, how to launch a kayak, and the benefits of using forward-facing sonar while on the water. 

  • 1:05 How Ryan Lambert Rigs His Tournament Kayak
  • 6:00 How To Store Rods On Your Kayak
  • 7:20 Importance Of Downsizing Your Tackle
  • 8:10 Prepare For The Worst By Packing Clothes
  • 10:15 How To Measure Fish
  • 14:55 How To Use Forward-Facing Sonar On A Kayak
  • 16:55 Hauling A Kayak On A Trailer
  • 18:40 Tackle Management Tips
  • 20:05 How To Organize Rods On Your Kayak
  • 21:10 How To Film Yourself While Fishing
  • 22:25 How To Steer And Launch A Kayak
  • 25:05 How To Safely Get In Your Kayak

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