Carl Jocumsen didn't become an Elite angler because of blind luck. He had to put fish in the boat. In this class Carl shares his best tips for landing fish, a topic that is rarely talked about but vital to fishing success. Much is talked about getting fish to bite, but Carl's advice on getting the last step of the process down is sure to help anyone put more fish in the boat!

Do you want to learn how to land more fish? Targeting and catching big bass is often hard enough, but not being able to successfully land them can make for tough days of fishing. The right gear and hookset for each technique will vary from person to person, so finding what works for you is important. In this seminar, Carl Jocumsen explains things each angler should consider when it comes to hooking and landing fish. From selecting the right line to how to set the hook on a drop shot, Jocumsen breaks down the finer details of several of his favorite techniques. 

  • 2:45 How To Land More Bass On Jigs
  • 5:00 Understanding Different Styles Of Hooks
  • 11:35 Best Rod And Reel For Jig Fishing
  • 14:30 How To Select The Right Gear Ratio Reel
  • 19:20 Keys To Drop Shotting
  • 24:50 How To Set A Hook On A Jig
  • 26:00 How To Improve Spinnerbait Hookups
  • 32:25 Understanding The Benefits Of Braided Line
  • 39:00 Landing Fish On Big Swimbaits
  • 41:30 Soft-Bodied Crankbaits
  • 42:10 Finding The Right Blade Bait

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