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Greg Dipalma co-hosts this episode of The Bass University Live with Pete Gluszek. Carl Jocumsen and Bub Tosh also join the show to talk about fall transition baits.
Carl Jocumsen is an Australian tournament bass angler that got hooked on bass fishing when he was 15 years old. He's pursued it from that time forward, and has been fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series since 2015. Carl fished every Australian tournament for 10 years, where they fished for Australian
Australian pro bass fisherman Carl Jocumsen and Molix lure designer Marco T, from Italy, joins Mike "Ike" Iaconelli at iCast 2017. In this video, Carl and Marco introduce several new bass fishing lures for 2017: Molix Sneaky Frog Topwater Walking Bait - Jocumsen helped design this
Carl Jocumsen didn't become an Elite angler because of blind luck. He had to put fish in the boat. In this class Carl shares his best tips for landing fish, a topic that is rarely talked about but vital to fishing success. Much is talked about getting fish to bite,