iCast 2017 - New Molix Baits & Lures - Iaconelli & Jocumsen

iCast 2017 - New Molix Baits & Lures - Iaconelli & Jocumsen


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Australian pro bass fisherman Carl Jocumsen and Molix lure designer Marco T, from Italy, joins Mike "Ike" Iaconelli at iCast 2017. In this video, Carl and Marco introduce several new bass fishing lures for 2017:

  • Molix Sneaky Frog Topwater Walking Bait - Jocumsen helped design this topwater frog. With it's side-to-side "walking the dog" action, it generates bites. It's perfectly weighted, soft-bodied and single-tailed bass fishing topwater action waiting to be unleashed.
  • Supernato Beetle - One of Mike Iaconelli's favorite topwater baits, this lure provides wobbling action reminiscent of the jitterbug.
  • New creature bait that resembles a scorpion
  • New shad-style swimbait
  • and more!

Carl and Marco also share their favorite topwater bite sounds and what bass fishing techniques are most effective in their home countries.

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