Bassmaster Elite Series pro, husband and recent home owner Car Jocumsen joins The Bass University to talk about fishing glide baits, particularly what part they play in his tournament fishing success. Learn when, where and how to fish glide baits in tournaments for maximum effectiveness.

  • 0:24 Carl Jocumsen talks about exciting recent events in his life and history with Bass University
  • 3:33 Carl introuduces the new Molix Glide Bait Swimbait, the design and how it's playing a part in good tournament finishes
  • 6:01 When and where to throw a glide bait for tournament success
  • 12:05 The perfect conditions and locations for going out and throwing a glide bait and getting them to commit
  • 16:23 Why the rod is important when fishing a glide bait or a big swimbait
  • 23:00 New Bassman spinnerbaits from Australia

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