Oliver Ngy is back on the water to talk about another, more recent development in big bait bass fishing. Unlike big soft plastic swimbaits, glide baits are usually hard plastic and designed to have a subtle side-to-side swimming action, and Oliver likens them to jerkbaits in how they are fished. Early on, most anglers just slow rolled glide baits for bass, and before fish became conditioned to them, that retrieve caught a lot of fish. In this video, Oliver dives into the tackle you need to fish glide baits, and takes you beyond just straight-winding glide baits back to the boat and hoping a bass commits to biting it. 

  • 0:22 What is a glide bait and where did it come from?
  • 3:02 The problem with the slow rolling steady retrieve and retrieve alternatives
  • 7:03 Breaking down how to fish a glide bait
  • 8:04 Rod & reel for fishing a glide bait and why it plays a big part in setting the hook and getting bass hooked
  • 20:11 Fishing line, snaps & swivels for fishing glide baits for bass in different situations
  • 29:16 Don't be deterred from fishing big baits because there aren't trout or other big forage in your lakes
  • 33:12 Suspending glide baits
  • 37:50 Seasonal patterns and applications for glide baits
  • 41:31 Watching a glide bait in action

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