Oliver Ngy from Big Bass Dreams has been hunting trophy bass for a big part of his life. In 2021, he's fishing Bassmaster Open tournaments. In this on the water bass fishing class, Oliver dials it back from giant West Coast trophy swimbaits and talks about getting started with "big" swimbaits. Ngy stresses that "big" is relative. Lots of anglers are already throwing swim jigs and spinnerbaits that are comperable in size to 6" swimbaits. Once anglers get past the perception of these larger swimbaits as a big hunk of plastic, they often see that it represents exactly what big lethargic bass want, a satisfiying easy meal. Watch this video to learn the how to get started fishing swimbaits for the biggest bass in your home waters (whether that's with a 6" 2oz. swimbait or a 12" 7oz swimbait), rigging a swimbait for various conditions, tackle you'll need to fish larger swimbaits and more!

  • 0:16 Size is relative when talking about a "big" soft plastic swimbait
  • 2:02 What Oliver Ngy is going to cover in this big soft plastic swimbait fishing on the water class video
  • 3:43 Just tying on a big swimbait and throwing it doesn't guarantee the fish of a lifetime, Oliver talks about minimizing failure and maximizing success throught proper mechanics
  • 7:42 A great starter bait for becoming a big swimbait angler
  • 10:45 Where do you fish a 6" swimbait?
  • 11:01 Rigging a soft plastic swimbait, like the 6" Megabass Magdraft Swimbait, for different situations
  • 17:16 When to reach for a soft plastic swimbait and selecting colors and patterns
  • 22:50 Best time of year to fish a big soft plastic swimbait
  • 30:22 Replacing treble hooks : bigger isn't always better
  • 33:40 Matching your belly-weighted hooks with a swimbait's size and rigging
  • 40:44 Special swimbait tip from the UK
  • 44:45 Non-boot tail style swimbaits (more subtle swimming tail swimbaits) and choosing one over the other
  • 51:26 Importance of mechanics
  • 55:15 Tackle for fishing swimbaits (rod, reel & line)

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