In this on the water bass fishing video, Big Bass Dreams' Oliver Ngy is back to talk about rigging techniques and fishing techniques for big (8"+) swimbaits. In his previous video Become a Big Soft Swimbait Angler, Oliver talked mostly about 6" swimbaits, like the Megabass Magdraft Swimbaits, but now it's time to step it up to the giant 3oz-6oz baits and different ways to rig them for various situations and ways the fish are biting the bait. Learn how to maintain and get the best action out of your expensive swimbaits, so you get your money's worth and dozens of fish catches from a single bait. Lastly, Oliver shares some secrets about how to fish big swimbaits to get more bites and land more fish. 

  • 0:15 Lines and knots for big swimbait fishing
  • 3:28 2 different rigging options for big swimbaits like the Defiant 210 Swimbait
  • 16:36 Tuning or repairing big swimbaits if they become warped or aren't running true
  • 21:14 Other accessories to to improve your big swimbait bass fishing
  • 28:41 Two more rigging options for big swimbaits (fish attacking the head and rigging 10" baits like the Defiant 247 Swimbait)
  • 36:46 Oliver Ngy shares one of his most effective techniques for fishing big side-to-side tail swimming swimbaits, like the Defiant 210
  • 40:30 Oliver Ngy's best kept secret for how to get fish to bite a big swimbait
  • 45:02 How do fish eat a big swimbait, how do you set the hook and how can you get them to hold on longer?

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