Ben Milliken is an original Bass University student and subscriber, he attended one of the first BU seminars in 2009. "Milliken Fishing" now has a massive following on social platforms, where he regularly publishes fishing content, including lots of big fish catches. In 2023 Milliken fished the Bassmaster Opens and came out of the gate with a win on Toledo Bend. Milliken has since qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series. 

In this seminar Ben will take you through his big bait strategies to catch big bass, as well as when to commit to the big baits and when to know to put them down. Milliken will walk you through when, where, and how to throw big baits for big bass. 

Milliken breaks down fishing glide baits, line-thru swimbaits, and other big baits. Ben Milliken then takes you through his big bait tournament strategies that helped him qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series. 

Join Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ben Milliken, from Milliken Fishing, with Bass University in this seminar tailored to help you become a more successful big bait fisherman. 

Ben Milliken Big Baits for Big Bass Class Chapters

  • 0:11: Milliken Introduction 
  • 4:35: Why Throw Big Baits 
  • 11:09: Fear of Big Baits and Drawing Parallels 
  • 18:40: Line-Thru Swimbaits
  • 22:45: Favorite Non-Swimbait Big Baits 
  • 29:40: Glide Baits 101
  • 45:14: Oversized Shock Baits
  • 49:00: Tournament Big Bait Tactics 
  • 1:01:44: Biggest Mystery of Swimbait Fishing
  • 1:13:44: Fix Your Negative Cues 
  • 1:15:56: Q/A

What You Will Learn From Ben Milliken in This Big Baits Class

  • Details on big bait strategies, when to commit, and when to stash those big baits.
  • Milliken's breakdown includes glide baits, line-thru swimbaits, and other heavyweight champions of the big bass fishing world.
  • Milliken tackles must-know big bait topics from overcoming the fear of big baits to go-to tournament tactics.
  • Ben Milliken's favorite baits for catching big bass.
  • Sneaky secrets that Ben Milliken shouldn't be sharing.

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