Fishing Big Glide Baits for Bass - Jocumsen

Fishing Big Glide Baits for Bass - Jocumsen


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Bassmaster Elite Series angler Carl Jocumsen joins The Bass University on the water to talk about fishing big glide baits. Because of their size, some anglers are wary to throw these fish-catching baits. Learn the secret tips and tactics to gain confidence in throwing a big glide bait.

Main Topics in this Big Glide Bait Class

  • 0:27 Carl's glide bait bass fishing tournament success
  • 2:14 Where, when and why to fish a glide bait (best conditions and locations for fishing this bait, particularly in tournaments)
  • 6:36 Tackle recommendations for fishing a glide bait (Miller Rod DreamFreak, Shimano Tranx 400 Reel, line and why you need them)
  • 12:43 The glide bait - choosing a bait and customizing
  • 17:18 Various hand-crafted and mass-produced glide baits and Carls' recommendation for choosing your first bait
  • 22:25 Glide bait fishing demonstration with Carl Jocumsen
  • 24:38 Carl's secret technique for generating bites
  • 28:43 There's no wrong way to fish a glide bait
  • 30:48 When to fish a glide bait (what seasons are best for glide baits?)
  • 31:27 Where to fish a glide bait
  • 33:12 What conditions are best for fishing a glide bait?
  • 35:21 What to do if you have a follower

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