Carl Jocumsen has spent a load of time working with his Humminbird and Minn Kota electronics to be able to get spot-locked or shallow water anchored on a great spot and milk it for all it's worth. He demonstrated this with the biggest catch in our 2 Hour 5 Bass Challenge with Carl Jocumsen. No matter what part of the country you fish, if you're serious about using electronics to locate and catch bass, this 1hr+ bass fishing class will teach you how to maximize your marine electronics, sonar, side imaging, down imaging, spot-lock & 360 scan skills.

Main Topics in this Complete Boat Electronics Class

  • 0:47 Never stop learning (The Bass University motto)
  • 2:53 Overview of Carl Jocumsen's marine electronics with Humminbird/LakeMaster, Minn Kota and Talon
  • 3:41 LakeMaster mapping
    • 4:52 Color marking depth ranges and contour lines
    • 12:48 How do you fish contours?
  • 15:30 Side imaging
    • 18:00 Using the zoom technique
  • 22:51 Down imaging vs sonar
  • 24:21 Carl Jocumsen's idling screen setup for his Humminbird Solix
  • 25:16 Through hull transducer advantages
  • 27:28 Front deck electronics setup
  • 29:12 Utilizing all your transducers effectively
  • 32:55 Video game fishing - settings for suspended bass
  • 35:08 How to use color settings to your advantage
  • 37:04 360 imaging why, where, when and how to use it
  • 46:02 Adjusting to distance from the boat with side imaging and 360 imaging
  • 47:59 Minn Kota Ultrex "greatest invention in bass fishing"
  • 56:30 Shallow water anchors like Talon and Power-Pole
  • 1:02:11 Talon vs. Power-Pole
  • 1:04:05 Utilizing the iPad

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