Main Lake Point Sweet Spot Fishing - Mike & Pete

Main Lake Point Sweet Spot Fishing - Mike & Pete


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Professional bass tournament anglers Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek break down the typical main lake point and talk about what makes up a sweet spot (current, contour, bottom composition, etc.), where fish will group together and feed. Since Ike and Pete catch several fish in one specific area, it's important to know how to position the boat to continue to catch fish out of one productive area, and how to target bass with multiple baits. Mike and Pete will share bass fishing tips of these things and more in this instructional video.

  • 0:40 What are we fishing?
  • 1:30 Finding the key spot
  • 2:20 Getting a lineup on the spot
  • 3:30 Characteristics of a key area
  • 4:45 Identifying the bite
  • 6:30 How to get the bigger fish to bite

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