We're not sure if it's a "punchshot" or a "punch shot", but it's sometimes called a "Jika Rig", and it catches bass! Mike Iaconelli shares what he learned about this hot technique from his recent fishing trip to Japan with Morizo Shimizu. In this 23-minute bass fishing instructional video, Bassmaster Elite Series professional angler Mike "Ike" Iaconelli will cover the following points about punchshotting:

  • What is punchshotting?
  • Rigging the punchshot with or without a leader (the traditional jika rig) and what pieces of tackle and tools you will need to set it up
  • Where do you fish this rig?
  • Mike's favorite soft plastics to fish on a punchshot rig
  • Rods, reels and line for this hot bass fishing technique
  • Selecting targets for the punchshot
  • Lure presentation
  • Tips for getting through heavy cover
  • Getting a good hookset in the cover

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