In this full 1hr+ punch shot bass fishing instructional video seminar, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli goes into detail about how to rig, and fish the punch shot rig (also called the jika rig). Iaconelli shares about his trip to Japan, where he was introduced to the hybrid technique "punch shotting". Ike talks about the hook, weight and bait used to setup this mix between the drop shot and punching techniques. The jika rig will help you get your bait into heavy cover to present it to more big bass, with a more natural presentation than traditional punching, and with a higher hook up percentage. Iaconelli goes into rigging detail about the 2 variations of the punch shot rig that he learned in Japan, one with a leader and one without.

Non-Leadered Punch Shot Rig - He shares the tackle you will need and how to selecting a bait for this technique. Learn what areas to target with this rig, maximizing your casts into heavy cover to get more bites.

Leadered Punch Shot Rig - Iaconelli shares the tackle and setup differences between this and the jika rig without the leader. He shares some pro tips for getting the bait in and out of heavy cover, his views on the extra hardware and if bass are effected by it.

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