The Ned rig is a great finesse fishing technique, but it excels in open water situations. What about when you want to fish a finesse technique like the Ned rig around vegetation and skip it around cover without getting hung up? Mike Iaconelli introduces a new finesse bass fishing technique developed by Dan Quinn and Kyle from Wired2Fish, the tiny child rig. This unique rigging technique will produce a similar seductive action, but allow you to get into places that the Ned rig and other exposed-hook finesse techniques won't allow you to fish effectively for bass. Join Mike Iaconelli on the water as he talks about the differences in these 2 rigs, the components of rigging the tiny child rig, what tackle you'll need, when to fish this rig, where to fish this rig and finally, Mike will show you how to fish it for maximum effectiveness.

  • 0:30 The advantage to the tiny child rig compared to the Ned rig
  • 2:55 Rigging the tiny child rig with a VMC Finesse Neko Hook and Berkley Powerbait Maxscent The General Worm
  • 12:05 A key reason why the tiny child rig can be better than the ned rig in certain situations
  • 14:52 Rod, reel & line for fishing the tiny child rig
  • 19:35 How to fish the tiny child rig for bass
  • 25:54 When and where to fish the tiny child rig
  • 27:52 On the water fishing demonstration of the child rig vs the ned rig

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