Lots of people ask professional bass fishing tourmanent champion Mike Iaconelli, "When should I switch from power fishing to finesse fishing techniques?". Power fishing is fishing baits fast, big heavy jigs in cover, winding and ripping big crankbait or spinnerbaits, etc. This is Ike's favorite way to fish. In this bass fishing instructional video, Iaconelli will talk about situations when you should put down the power fishing baits and pick up a finesse bait, like a small, light-weighted plastic worm on spinning tackle. Mike will cover weather, water, and pressure factors that may call for a switch from an aggressive approach to a more finesse presentation. 

Power to Finesse Fishing Timestamps

  • 0:50 Time and place to finesse 
  • 1:20 When to switch to finesse 
  • 2:00 Fishing pressure 
  • 2:25 Weather change 
  • 3:15 Slow presentation
  • 3:45 Clearing water

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