Mike McClelland is an 8-time BASS tournament winner, with 32 top-ten finishes. In 2019 he joined the Major League Fishing BPT. In 2019, he also visited Columbus, OH with The Bass University to record a bass fishing educational seminar about a great tournament-winning strategy, finesse power fishing.

  • 0:28 Being a professional tournament angler isn't about having the time and money to do it
  • 3:07 Finesse fishing doesn't have to be "sissy fishing"
  • 3:49 What is finesse power fishing? When do I need to employ finesse power fishing techniques?
  • 6:58 Spring and Prespawn and finesse power go-to lures
  • 25:19 Postspawn period finesse power techniques, baits and colors
  • 39:17 Summer and the importance of fluorocarbon
  • 42:38 Autumn/Fall baits
  • 50:29 Winter finesse power fishing, including tips like weighting jerkbaits

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