Seth Feider loves to fish milfoil for bass. He has so much confidence that he can go days without a bite and still believe the next flip is going to be a big one. Learn tips, tricks and secrets for fishing milfoil from Bassmaster Elite Series angler Seth Feider in this bass fishing vegetation educational seminar.

  • 1:03 Why does Seth Feider love to flip milfoil so much?
  • 1:29 Spring - places to fish, things to look for and baits to use for catching bass in and around milfoil
  • 3:24 Summer - What to look for and how concentrated the bass can be in these small grass areas
  • 6:47 Seth Feider's sketch to discuss summer milfoil fishing and how milfoil differs from other types of grass
  • 8:18 Seth Feider's baits for flipping grass
  • 10:20 Milfoil flipping bait color selection
  • 11:41 Why Seth Feider changes weights between practice and tournament day
  • 12:59 Seth Feider's tournament-day rigs & baits for fishing in the milfoil
  • 15:32 Fall - Where to look and how bass behaviour changes from Summer
  • 18:23 How to fish these baits & rigs for bass in the milfoil
  • 19:51 Tackle for flipping milfoil - rods, reels & line and tips for why Seth uses these specific tools
  • 26:37 Setting the hooks when you get a bite flipping in the milfoil
  • 27:50 Ideal locations to fish - Seth Feider discusses a topo map from a section of Lake Minnetonka and highlights areas of interest that might hold bass
  • 31:14 Importance of bottom composition and how/when to use electronics to find the sweet spots
  • 33:46 What time of day to does Seth Feider fish this pattern for bass?
  • 35:55 Tip for catching the biggest bass in the milfoil in summer schools
  • 37:03 The other most important factor when flipping milfoil
  • 40:00 If you're catching pickerel, should you look for a new area to find bass?
  • 40:56 Seth Feider's med/hvy rod tip action for flipping milfoil
  • 41:05 Why not fish a Texas rig on tournament day?
  • 42:01 Advice for a young angler that wants to get into tournament fishing for a career
  • 42:48 Outkast Tackle Stealth Feider Casting Jig
  • 43:33 Breakdown of Seth Feider's soft plastic bait/jigs trailer choices
  • 45:47 Braid to fluoro leader knot choice & tip for setting drag correctly
  • 46:57 Why fish a fluorocarbon leader at all?

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