Tournament bass fishing champion Seth Feider has proven his ability to catch big smallmouth on the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament trail. In this bass fishing instructional video seminar, Seth Feider will discuss catching smallmouth in cold water. September and October are Seth's favorite times to fish for smallmouth bass. In this video, he will discuss what makes the fall a magical time for catching big smallmouth. For the sake of "cold water" definition in this video, Seth is talking about water temperatures 60 degrees (15.5 c) or below in the fall, or 50 degrees (10 c) or below in the spring.

Feider shares many of his favorite smallmouth bass baits and how to fish them for each stage of the season, early fall (including Seth's go-to tough bite bait Poor Boy's Erie Darter), late fall (including tightlining finesse swimbaits and jigging blade baits), winter (including the Rapala Jiggin Rap Ice Jig). Using Minnesota's Mille Lacs as an example, Seth shows topographical map examples of areas that will hold fish, and talks about the key elements to look for finding cold water smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth Fishing Topics

  • 0:45 When do fish get congregated 
  • 3:35 Defining cold water
  • 4:00 3 stages of cold water
  • 5:00 Early fall 
  • 7:00 Spinnerbait fishing 
  • 8:05 Crankbait fishing 
  • 8:45 Jerkbait fishing 
  • 9:35 Swimbait fishing 
  • 10:05 Football jig fishing
  • 10:40 Dropshot fishing
  • 13:00 Late fall
  • 13:10 Blade bait fishing 
  • 14:40 Late fall swimbait fishing
  • 17:55 Rapala jiggin rap 
  • 20:10 Winter stage 
  • 20:45 Bucktail jig
  • 22:10 Slab spoon
  • 25:20 Fall smallmouth locations 
  • 28:45 Adjusting colors for seasons
  • 31:10 Set up for hair jig 

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