Many people feel that a jerkbait is a Winter or perhaps Winter/Spring fishing lure. Matt Arey was in Anderson, SC to teach a bass fishing class seminar on fishing jerkbaits in every season. It's important to note that you don't fish the same jerkbait, the same way, using the same colors throughout the entire year. In this video, Matt breaks down each season, talking about the baits (sizes, depths and colors) he uses, and he fishes those specific jerkbaits in those seasons. Watch as Matt Arey also shares tips on modifying jerkbaits, his favorite treble hooks and tips for the shad and herring spawn.

  • 0:06 What time of year do you throw a jerkbait? Let's talk about everything you need to know about jerkbaits.
  • 1:26 Tackle setup for fishing jerkbaits: 7' Medium Team Lew's Pro Speed Stick and 7'2" Medium Team Lew's Pro Speed Stick
  • 4:34 Matt Arey's optimum conditions for fishing a jerkbait
  • 5:44 Muddy water vs clear water jerkbait fishing
  • 7:14 Winter jerkbait fishing : cadence, baits (like Lunkerhunt Sushi 110S), bait size, diving depth & bait colors
  • 19:18 Modifying deep-diving jerkbaits for maximum depth
  • 22:02 Treble hooks and sizes for jerkbait fishing
  • 27:06 Spring jerkbait fishing : cadence, baits (like Megabass Ito Vision 110 Jerkbaits), diving depth & bait colors for clear and off-color
  • 34:21 Shad spawn and herring spawn
  • 38:44 Summer suspended bass after the shad and herring spawn
  • 46:32 Late summer and schooling fish : cadance, small baits, color is crucial this time of year
  • 51:27 Autumn/Fall what to do as the weather turns colder : cadence, smaller baits (like Lucky Craft B Freeze 78S Jerkbaits)
  • 54:23 Jerkbait fishing in all seasons question and answer time with Matt Arey

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