How confident are you with a jerkbait? It’s a proven fish-catching technique for many, but plenty of anglers still shy away from the bait – especially in the warmer months. “There’s a common misconception about a jerbait – ‘It's only a wintertime bait,’” said John Hunter. “‘It's only a prespawn tactic’, ‘It's only something we can use in cold water’ and that is extremely false. I've caught fish on this bait from july to September. It does not matter the month or year. It's always going to play in a tournament setting.” Jerkbaits primarily allow anglers to target bass suspending on vertical structure, but that’s not their only use. In this seminar, Hunter breaks down how to fish a jerkbait all year long to help you catch more fish next time you’re on the water. Hunter also explains his decision making process behind the gear he fishes the bait with. Specifically, why he reaches for a 7’ medium baitcasting setup with 10lb. flourocrabon. The lighter line helps keep the bait at the desired depth range. Meanwhile, the action and length of the rod make it easier to fish the bait properly. The rod also plays a role in landing fish. Jerkbaits have a reputation for losing fish – if you aren’t careful. With this in mind, Hunter opts to change the hooks on all of his lures, but he also explains just how to set the hook and fight fish once a strike occurs.

  • 1:00 When And Where To Throw A Jerkbait
  • 2:40 Jerkbait Fishing In The Spring
  • 3:25 Jerkbait Fishing In The Summer
  • 4:45 Jerkbait Fishing In The Fall
  • 5:15 Pay Attention To How Fish Eat A Jerkbait
  • 7:10 Throwing Jerkbaits In Stained Water
  • 8:35 How To Land More Fish On Jerkbaits
  • 11:40 Best Line Size
  • 12:50 How To Pick The Right Jerkbait Rod
  • 18:20 On The Water Jerkbait Fishing With John Hunter
  • 26:10 How To React To A Strike
  • 28:45 How To Fish Docks With A Jerkbait
  • 30:55 Modifying Retreieve In Shallow Water 
  • 32:05 How To Detect A Bite
  • 43:35 Best Way To Cast Jerkbaits Around Docks
  • 49:35 How To Fish Points With A Jerkbait

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