When the fishing gets tough, sometimes you need to offer bass a smaller option. Every angler has experienced those days when you just can’t buy a bite. One potential solution is to break out smaller baits to entice those finicky fish. In this seminar, Matt Arey discusses some of his personal favorite micro-baits to turn to when it gets tough. Arey covers some of the more popular baits – such as small jerkbaits and scrounger heads – but also highlights various crappie and ice fishing techniques that also work well for chasing bass. 

  • 0:40 Why Should You Downsize?
  • 2:20 Best Baits To Utilize
  • 26:00 Should You Add A Trailer Hook To Grubs?
  • 27:22 How To Fish A Tail Spin
  • 30:00 Blade Baits
  • 32:15 Approaching Tough Tournaments
  • 36:00 In-Line Spinnerbaits
  • 39:35 Downsizing In The Spring

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