Modify Blade Baits to Land More Bass - Feider

Modify Blade Baits to Land More Bass - Feider


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Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament angler Seth Feider is here to help you increase your hookup percentage when fishing blade baits. Blade baits are great for catching smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass and are particularly effective in the colder winter months. When you're fishing, you want to catch everything that bites, so it can be frustrating to lose several fish when they are actively biting a blade bait. Now, Seth Feider may look more like Magnum P.I. but you'll think he's MacGyver after you see the magic he works customizing a blade bait to catch more bass. Seth begins by explaining that his biggest issue with losing fish, particularly smallmouth bass, on a blade bait is that the treble hooks (often mounted with a split ring or directly on the body), are unable to turn. This situation allows fish to get leverage and throw the hook, particularly in a case when they've only got one hook, which is often the case with smallmouth.

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