Tailspinners and blade baits are great bass fising lures for winter. That time of year can be good for finding bass offshore feeding on baitfish. These heavy metal baits are great to get down where the fish are and imitate those baitfish. Most of us grew up with the classic Silver Buddy Blade Bait and Mann's Little George Tailspinner, and Jared Lintner has used those, but Jackall makes some next-level baits like the Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner and the Jackall Keeburn Blade Bait. In this on the water bass fishing class, Jared Lintner shares some information on why to choose these baits over other common deeper water baits, and how to choose between a tailspinner and a blade bait.

After choosing to fish one of the baits, Jared shares the tackle that he uses to fish them. The two baits are similar, so Jared fishes them on the same rod with the same lb. test range of Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon fishing lines. Jared's choice of rods may susprise you, but Lintner discusses how this setup helps him cover water, fish deep and not lose fish.

Lastly, Jared Lintner gets on the front deck to demonstrate how to fish a tailspinner and blade bait, and some tips on fish activity throughout the day.

  • 0:19 A couple of excellent winter bass fishing baits
  • 1:17 How you fish tailspinners and blade baits
  • 4:39 Choosing between a tailspinner and a blade bait
  • 8:29 Casting a tailspinner or blade bait to a target
  • 10:24 Tackle for fishing tailspinners and blade baits
  • 13:57 Jared Lintner demonstrates fishing a tailspinner in a ditch on Lake Lanier in Georgia
  • 16:53 Why these two baits are better than many other techniques for fishing deeper winter areas
  • 19:22 The right retrieve throughout the day
  • 20:25 Something different
  • 21:42 Fishing a blade bait

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