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On the November 29th, 2017 Bass U Live Show, Mike "Ike" Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek cover 2 primary techniques:

Review Kevin VanDam's Cold Water/Winter Power Fishing Class

If you've not seen KVD's Cold Water Power Fishing, you'll want to start by checking it out. Mike and Pete discuss Kevin's winter fishing secrets. They elaborate on some of Kevin's points: weighting suspended jerkbaits, jerkbait rod composition & length, baitfish die-off, finesse jerkbaits and more! Mike and Pete answer some subscriber questions:

  • How do you deal with freezing fishing rod guides?
  • Do you have tips for fishing with gloves in the winter?
  • How can you tell with the fall turnover has completed and it's time to fish winter techniques?
  • How do you address warning and cooling weather trends?
  • Color selection on winter jerkbaits? Natural colors, or are we looking for flash?

Fishing Blade Baits with Steve Carey and "The Binsky"

In the second segement of Bass U Live with Steve Carey on blade baits, Mike and Pete are joined by the creator of The Binsky Blade Bait. Steve explains that the blade bait is like the straight-tail worm. The fishing insdustry is loaded with lots of flashy baits, but people forget about the simple & affective functionality of this lure. Metal baits are a great tool, especially in the summer and winter for catching otherwise lethargic bass. Firstly, they talk about where the name "The Binsky" came from. Then they talk about what makes "The Binsky" different from other blade baits: how it will help you trigger bites, how it will help you land fish and more. Steve Carey also shares some hot winter fishing tips for customizing your blade baits. Steve Carey also answers questions about fishing the blade bait:

  • Best color selection when fishing a blade bait?
  • What about using a TH Marine Hydrowave Electronic Feeding Stimulator when blade bait fishing?
  • What's the biggest tip for being a successful blade bait fisherman? 

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