Not all anglers fish for bass during the winter, but the ones that do can be rewarded with some of the biggest bass of the year. Pete Gluszek is here to share tackle & tips and demonstrate his techniques for one of his favorite cold water baits, a blade bait. Many of us grew up with the classic bait The Silver Buddy designed by Paul "Buddy" Banks. Today there are are more options for shapes, colors and sizes, like the Molix Trago Vib Blade Bait. The Dean of the Bass University goes on to share the tackle (rod, reel, hook & line) that he uses to fish these baits in the winter. After going over the tackle, and dispelling the myth that blade baits are for deep water fishing only, Pete takes you into some areas in search of the baitfish. Within the key areas, Pete demonstrates how he fishes a blade bait (and how he gets it unhung when he invariably gets it snagged). Lastly, Pete catches a flurry of winter bass on a blade bait.

  • 0:21 One of Pete Gluszek "The Dean of the Bass University"'s favorite ways to catch bass when it's cold winter conditions
  • 2:28 Some of the blade baits that Pete Gluszek uses and the conditions in which he uses them
  • 6:55 One of the most important things when fishing blade baits, hookup percentage. Pete shares tips on getting bass that bite to the boat
  • 8:53 Why blade baits have clips and some have multiple holes
  • 9:56 Treble hooks for blade baits
  • 10:27 Blade bait fishing isn't necessarily a deep water technique
  • 11:22 Tackle for fishing a blade bait (rod, reel & line)
  • 15:48 How to fish a blade bait on a dredged out bank with dock pilings & sea walls
  • 21:02 Casting around targets like docks & floats
  • 22:28 How to get your bait free when you get hung up
  • 27:02 The sometimes right and sometimes wrong way to fish a blade bait (and how Pete fishes a blade bait in shallow water)
  • 30:41 How to find bait easily, even without electronics
  • 32:10 Winter fishing strategy and staying warm
  • 34:53 Transition banks
  • 35:58 Marina fishing in the winter
  • 39:37 Water temperature trends during the winter
  • 40:54 Pete Gluszek catching winter bass in cold water with a blade bait

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