In this remastered winter bass fishing class video, Pete Gluszek shares some tips for catching bass at the coldest times of year when the water is still liquid. That may be different times depending on where you are in the country, but in most areas, these techniques will catch bass when other techniques won't when the water is at it's coldest.

  • 3:12 Introduction to Wintertime fishing strategies
  • 4:30 When is winter? Where do these strategies apply?
  • 5:37 Seasonal patterns are the key to success. Where are the bass going to be in the winter in the coldest water?
  • 13:20 Keys for fishing in the winter (water clarity, water temperature, times of day, comfort, organization, boat operation and more)
  • 26:58 Winter bass lure, tackle and knots
  • 1:03:57 Pete Gluszek answers winter bass fishing questions and shares a couple of extra techniques & tips that catch bass in the winter

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