When the bite gets tough, a lot of people lean on various finesse techniques to help put fish in the boat. One technique that often gets overlooked is fishing a hair jig. In today’s on-the-water seminar, Pete Gluszek and Scott Bonnema track down smallmouth on Lake Michigan by swimming those hand-tied baits back to the boat. Bonnema shares his insight on the right presentation, gear, and time of year to target bass with hair just. 

  • 3:50 Versatility of Hair Jigs
  • 5:50 Why use hair jigs for smallmouth?
  • 7:55 Weight Selection
  • 8:20 Jig Head Design
  • 8:45 Color Options
  • 9:15 Trailers
  • 12:15 Picking the right gear
  • 14:35 Technique and hookset
  • 17:00 Identifying key areas
  • 23:20 How to retrieve a hair jig

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