Smallmouth fishing can be tricky. While they can be some of the most exciting fish to catch, many rules anglers have learned for targeting largemouth bass go out the window.

In this seminar, Pete Gluszek details the differences between the two species of bass, and how to effectively target them throughout the year.

Gluszek explains that you can find smallmouth in a variety of places, including in grass and roaming large flats. They tend to follow forage throughout the year, and while they eat many of the same things as largemouth, they also feed heavily on yellow perch.

Gluszek breaks the baits he uses to target these fish into two categories: power and finesse. When power fishing, he relies on crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and spoons. Meanwhile, he recommends using drop shots, Senkos, and tubes for a more finesse approach.

Gluszek also discusses the best conditions for each technique and how to select the right gear to target these finicky fish.

Seasonal Smallmouth Class Chapters

  • 7:00 Understanding The Basics Of Smallmouth
  • 8:50 Tips For Finding Smallmouth During The Spawn
  • 10:10 Seasonal Movements Of Smallmouth
  • 15:10 How Smallmouth School And What They Eat
  • 17:55 Misconceptions About Smallmouth Fishing
  • 24:15 How To Approach Schools Of Smallmouth
  • 27:45 Best Power Fishing Conditions For Smallmouth
  • 30:15 Best Baits For Smallmouth Fishing
  • 41:05 Best Finesse Fishing Conditions For Smallmouth

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