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Catching a trophy Smallmouth bass is often a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity for many anglers. Understanding the seasonal patterns of those fish can help increase your odds, especially during the spawn.  “I think it's probably the most important thing in fishing,” said Pete Gluszek, about understanding the seasonal patterns. “... You can be the best deep water fisherman in the world, deep crankbait guy, but if they're all on the bank you're not going to get a bite.” In this seminar, Gluszek breaks down the various seasonal patterns to help you target Smallmouth bass all year. Specifically, he focuses on the spawn and post-spawn. Locating Smallmouth on their bed isn’t as easy as finding Largemouth since they often nest in much deeper water. Gluszek recommends using baits like a shakey head or jig to try to locate fish. Smallmouth are often more aggressive on beds than Largemouth, so getting a bait near the fish can often result in a strike. During the post-spawn, Gluszek relies on jerkbaits and swimbaits to target aggressive, feeding fish, which are often found in schools. Aside from targeting Smallmouth, Gluszek also dives into how he fishes a Texas-rigged Senko to get more bites and grass edges, along with how to fish finesse crankbaits around the grass. 

Fishing your strengths is a crucial element to bass fishing. In this bass fishing class, Pete Gluszek will teach about the techniques that he has the most confidence in. These techniques and tactics have helped him win big or just catch tons of big bass on fisheries such as the Delaware River, Lake Champlain, Cayuga Lake, Potomac River, Upper Chesapeake Bay, and more!

  • 1:45 Finesse Cranking Grass Edges
  • 13:35 How To Fish A Texas-rigged Senko
  • 22:00 Targeting The Early Morning Bite
  • 23:45 Chasing Fish Around Docks
  • 35:40 Importance Of Multiple Casts To Same Dock
  • 40:55 Seasonal Patterns Of Smallmouth Bass
  • 43:00 How To Fish For Spawning Smallmouth
  • 46:45 How To Find Spawning Smallmouth
  • 49:15 Types Of Baits To Catching Spawning Smallmouth
  • 54:55 Post-Spawn Smallmouth Patterns

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