Bass fishing tournament champion Mike Iaconelli is on the water about a secret bait and technique being used to catch big bass. Known as "flutter spoon fishing" or "structure spoon fishing", this technique of fishing a large cupped spoon is used to fish mid-to-deep depths.

  • 0:39 Introduction to flutter spoon fishing and structure spoon fishing and resasons why to fish it
  • 4:01 When (what seasons) are best for fishing this type of spoon?
  • 7:14 Flutter spoons can do a great job of immitating forage. Mike shares some tips of selecting the right size/color of spoon
  • 9:13 Depths for fishing with a flutter spoon
  • 10:35 The anatomy of the structure spoon and modification
  • 13:41 Tackle (rod, reel & line) for fishing a structure spoon
  • 17:33 Introduction to how to fish a flutter spoon
  • 18:32 Identifying targets for fishing a flutter spoons
  • 20:05 How to fish a flutter spoon cast & retrieve

Flutter Spoon Fishing - Part 1

Iaconelli introduces the flutter spoon bait and techniques. He talks about what makes this technique special, and when it excels over football jigs, crankbaits, carolina rigs, etc. When is this bait viable? Mike will talk about the best times to fish the flutter spoon. What does the flutter spoon imitate? Ike discusses the differnt types of forage this lure can mimic when "matching the hatch", from threadfin shad all the way up to trout and hitch, the structure spoon is a great bait to imitate baitfish. Iaconelli talks about why the pros are keeping this bait secret, and why they are using it to catch so many bass, and why those fish are bigger. Ike also shares how to modify your baits for maximum performance. Lastly, Iaconelli talks about the rod, reel and line he uses to fish the flutter and structure spoons. Looking to get started with this technique? Iaconelli recommends the Molix Mike Iaconelli Lover Spoon.

Flutter Spoon Fishing - Part 2

In this bass fishing video, Mike Iaconelli shows an area where he would traditional fish a structure spoon. Mike talks about how and where to cast the bait, what to do when the spoon enters the water, and how to achieve the fluttering action. Iaconelli also covers fishing the spoon, demonstrating how to fish the bait and showing how the flutter spoon moves from the water when fished properly.


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