A spoon is one of the most under-utilized tools in many anglers' lineups, but this versatile technique is something you can use to target fish all year. While jigging spoons fished vertically over cover excel in the cooler months, casting and flutter spoons shine during the warmer months when bass are actively chasing baitfish. In this seminar, Bryan Thrift explains his tips and tricks for spoon fishing. Thrift explains just how he fishes jigging spoons during the winter months like December, January & February to help catch more bass. 

Thrift also explains just how unique flutter spoons are. Not only for fishing offshore structure during the summer months like June, July & August, but how you can swim a spoon to target schooling bass as well. 

  • 1:25 Spoon Fishing In The Winter
  • 13:40 Best Structure For Spoon Fishing
  • 20:45 How To Fish A Spoon
  • 35:25 Spoon Fishing In Warm Water
  • 36:50 Best Setup For Fishing Flutter Spoons
  • 46:00 Importance Of Downsizing Spoons
  • 49:00 How To Land A Fish On A Spoon
  • 50:15 Fishing A Spoon In The Summer And Fall
  • 1:01:50 How To Swim A Spoon

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