Bryan New's home lake is Lake Wylie, and something that he's confident about on lakes in the Carolinas is the ability to sight fish all the way through to Fall. Now, he's not targeting the traditional bass on the bed when sight fishing, but there are other things going on in the lake, and patternable bass activities that make them visible in summer and autumn. In this bass fishing class seminar, New breaks down his favorite baits to cover water looking for cruising bass, areas that he targets when looking for catchable bass, his go-to last-ditch-effort bait for cruising bass that won't react to other power fishing baits and addressing the wear and tear of running wide open all day on your equipment. Bryan New wraps it up by answering a handful of student questions about sight fishing in summer and fall and takes a quick jab at the dean. 

  • 0:29 Sight fishing in the summer for wolfpacks and cruisers
  • 3:02 Areas where you will find bream beds
  • 4:44 Baits for sight fishing for bass in the summer
  • 13:01 Bryan New's money-making secret bait
  • 17:34 Bryan New's last topwater setup for cruisers and bass on bream beds
  • 19:55 Bass that swim off vs bass that don't react to your bait at all
  • 24:53 A follow-up bait for fish that don't react to topwater
  • 26:37 One last bait for a lake that has grass
  • 27:20 The last chance desparation bait for summer cruisers
  • 30:21 Where to find these summer bream eaters and cruising bass
  • 36:46 Reviewing the baits
  • 36:57 Bryan New's approach to sight fishing for cruisers
  • 39:45 Considerations for running your trolling motor wide open all day
  • 44:10 How tight and how long will cruisers stay in an area?
  • 47:14 Shade line changes on the shoreline
  • 49:12 Sunglasses lenses for sight fishing
  • 51:01 When do the bream spawn in the Carolinas?

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