Shaw Grigsby loves sight fishing. During the spawn in the Spring of each year is certainly the time when sight fishing is most popular, but it's not the only time of the year when you can catch fish you can see, particularly in clear water. In this bass fishing class seminar Shaw shares tips on tackle, baits, rigging, knots and techniques for catching bass you can see in the water. Whether it's bass on beds on Fall bass up cruising, these baits and tips will help you become a better sight fisherman or woman.

  • 0:10 Filling a spinning reel
  • 2:07 Sight fishing is one of Shaw's favorite ways to catch bass
  • 5:29 What is sight fishing and when can you do it?
  • 6:44 Sunglasses for sight fishing
  • 8:25 Sight fishing tackle
  • 14:38 Sight fishing baits/lures
  • 21:15 Rigging for sight fishing
  • 28:31 Knots for different lines
  • 37:36 Other sight fishing tips
  • 51:13 Sensitivity and hooksets

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