Shaw Grigsby has been known for many techniques over his career. While he's won tournaments punching mats, and sight fishing, and while he loves topwater frog fishing, the technique that flat out catches fish for him is dropshotting. Primarily braid to light fluorocarbon on spinning tackle is Shaw's setup of choice. Fishing with one of two Trokar hooks that Shaw prefers, depending on if he needs a weedless presentation. In this bass fishing instructional class video seminar, you'll also learn about: how to rig a dropshot, knots to tying a dropshot, leader length, weights, best baits and Shaw's favorite colors, and, of course, where and how to fish a dropshot rig.

  • 0:35 It may not be Shaw's favorite way to fish, but the dropshot rig (aka drop shot) is the way to catch them
  • 1:37 Rigging a dropshot - components and an overview of knots and leaders
  • 9:36 Rod & reel for dropshot fishing
  • 19:53 More on knots for different types of fishing line & weights
  • 30:32 Baits for bass fishing a dropshot rig
  • 33:56 How to fish a dropshot rig
  • 48:11 Fighting fish on light line
  • 51:02 Where to fish a dropshot rig
  • 53:17 Braid to fluoro leader knots

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