Over the last decade, Dropshot fishing has gained widespread popularity and for good reason – it's a versatile technique that can yield success 365 days a year. Hailing from the clear water lakes of Minnesota, a breeding ground for top Elite Series anglers, Bob brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

During the class, Bob leaves no stone unturned, providing in-depth insights into the gear that is crucial for successful dropshotting. He shares the secrets behind his carefully selected rod, reel, and line, allowing you to optimize your setup for maximum effectiveness.

Bob recognizes the differences between largemouth and smallmouth fishing and explains how he tailors his approach for each species. With an emphasis on hook selection, he guides you through the various ways to rig baits on a dropshot, taking into account factors like cover, bass species, and water depth.

But what truly sets this class apart is the hands-on experience. On the water, Bob faces challenging windy conditions, and he doesn't shy away from sharing how to tackle such situations like a pro. He demonstrates how using a heavier dropshot weight can help cover more water effectively and reveals the critical importance of line control in windy conditions.

Witnessing Bob's adaptability and expertise firsthand, you'll be thrilled to see him make a bait adjustment that results in hooking up with a largemouth bass using the same techniques and gear discussed in the class.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting your bass fishing journey, this Bob Downey Dropshot on-the-water class at Bass University promises to equip you with the ins and outs of dropshot fishing. With these newfound skills and knowledge, you'll be putting more fish in the boat in no time. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from a true Bassmaster champion!

Dropshot Class Chapters

  • 0:16: Introduction
  • 1:16: Largemouth Dropshot Setup
  • 8:55: Texas Rig Dropshot
  • 11:28: Smallmouth Dropshot Setup
  • 15:45: Knot for Dropshot (Palomar)
  • 17:00: Weight Selection
  • 18:20: Nose Hooking
  • 21:30: Fishing a Dropshot
  • 28:24: Why to Use Hi-Vis Braid
  • 30:17: Searching for Fish with Dropshot
  • 35:17: Controlling Your Line with Dropshot
  • 41:30: Adjusting Baits 
  • 43:45: Catching Fish on Dropshot

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